Chance me for my dream school (College of the Holy Cross)

These are my stats, ecs, etc. Do I have a shot at College of the Holy Cross if I apply ED 1? If not, how can I improve?

US citizen
State/Location of residency: Midwest
Extremely competitive public high school
Grade 11 going on 12
Gender/Race/Ethnicity: Female, White, American
Other special factors: 504 Mental Health Plan, neurodivergent
Major: Psychology
Cumulative Unweighted HS GPA: currently 3.04
Cumulative Weighted HS GPA: currently 3.09 on a 5 scale (freshman grades were heavily affected by mental health)
Class Rank: HS doesn’t do class rank
ACT/SAT Scores: N/A
AP Scores: AP Psych (predicted 5)
AP Psychology, AP Environmental Science, Comp I & II (college class), Advanced Digital Music Production (weighted as/equivalent to an honors class)
Won a competitive school-wide writing contest and read/published the piece at a winners banquet
Gold Standard of Excellence Award (x2)
National Society of High School Scholars
multiple passion projects
multiple extensive research projects
4 years of French (in school)
self taught in German and Korean
UC BerkeleyX Psychedelics and the Mind Course (edX, certificate)
HarvardX Fundamentals of Neuroscience Course (edX, certificate)
HarvardX Building Personal Resilience: Managing Anxiety and Mental Health (edX, certificate)
Girls Go STEM program (attended two years in 6th and 7th grade)
U of I performing arts summer program
student government (x2) in elementary school
played competitive/academy tennis for 5+ years and was a featured player
AAA school safety patrol in 6th grade
volunteered as an instructor at my high school’s summer tennis camp
volunteered at houses Into homes
houses into homes equity bootcamp
competitive swimming, 2 years
running club & XC in junior high, 1 yr
part-time job on weekends, 6hr shift
catholic religious ed program
played clarinet for 4 years in school band
self taught in piano
(will be doing an immense amount of catching up this summer in terms of more community service, internships, college programs and activities)
Haven’t written yet an essay but will receive LORs from multiple teachers and other mentors outside of school
Have shown an extensive amount of demonstrated interest which I know HC values (attended webinars, asked questions, emailed counselors, virtual tour, etc)

Hi Emma!

Thanks for providing your stats. It’s clear you’re passionate about your intended major, so that’s great. For your application, I’d recommend not putting anything from elementary or high school on there because it will likely be ignored by admissions counselors. You’ll also want to expand on what your various passion and research projects are (during high school) since those will definitely hold weight.

Are you planning on taking the SAT or ACT? I know College of the Holy Cross is a test-optional school, but if you can score in their score range (SAT: 1260-1430 and ACT: 28-32), it could help your academic profile. And definitely make sure to show your passion through your essays and keep up the interest in the school.

Good luck!

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