Choosing Between the ACT and SAT

Hello, I am an upcoming senior with the goal of attending Yale in the Fall of 2018.

The biggest problem I have with college admissions is SAT / ACT scores. Which test is better for me? I have taken both once, with my most recent SAT being a 1280 composite (680 RW, 600 M) and 27 ACT (35 Eng, 27 Math, 24 Rdg, and 23 Sci). I know that the main reason that my scores are not up to par is because I did not spend nearly as much time on the exams as I should have. Could anyone on the PrepScholar team please follow up with what I should do? Thank you in advance!

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There are no international SAT test dates after June in 2017 until October. Generally, there does not seem to be summer (July/August) int'l SAT testing: