Could I benefit from tutoring?

Long story short: I want a 36 next time I take ACT in June and/or September. Reading is my lowest score and right now whenever I take practice tests my best average score is 32-33 range. I can't seem to improve no matter how many tests I take or how many mistakes I go in-detail for.

Someone I know suggested I get a tutor who can give pointers on how to improve and who can see why and where my mistakes occur. However, I have looked through reviews online and find that most tutoring companies have mostly bad reviews. In fact, the majority of the big tutoring companies have several negative comments towards them.

I need help finding the most experienced tutors who can help me get to 36 specifically in reading. I believe I can self-study to a 36 on the non-reading sections without much trouble.

What are all of your thoughts on tutors? Is it okay to trust them? Could they really help me get the 36 that I'm looking for?


Tutors can definitely be helpful, but you need to be careful in choosing the right one. We've actually written an article on this very topic (how to find the most effective SAT/ACT tutor for you), so you should check that out for more detailed advice. There's also this article that addresses your specific concerns about finding a good ACT Reading tutor. The gist of both of these articles is that you should pick someone who scored well on the test themselves, specializes in ACT tutoring, and customizes the tutoring sessions to your specific weaknesses. Here's a list of questions you might ask potential tutors to see if they're the right fit for your needs.

If you find someone who's a good fit based on the criteria listed above, try going for one session, and see if he or she can provide any insight into the reasons for your mistakes. If you think you got something substantial out of the session, you can continue with that tutor. If you don't feel like you've gained any ground, you should consider switching. Make sure you track your progress after each session so that you know whether you're getting your money's worth. You can rely on reviews of tutoring services to a certain extent, but it's your personal experience that matters most!