Distressed when i learnt that my chances for my dream college are near zero

I am an Indian Student, completed schooling from a leading and very well reputed boarding school in India. Academic record: Grade 9: 9.5/10 CGPA Grade 10:10/10 CGPA Grade 11: 89%, top 10 of class Grade 12 : 97% in physics chemistry math and biology cumulative, And 95.6% including English, ranked 4th out of class of 85, and 1st in sciences out of class of 14. Came in top 1% of the country out of about 1.1 million students. Finished schooling. Had applied to universities for fall 2017 and also got offers and scholarships (60%) but couldn't join due to financial difficulties. Did not know about Olympiads due to restriction on internet access in our boarding school, when I found out, I had missed the deadlines to apply and cannot apply now as I have passed out of high school. Sat scores: first attempt: 1360/1600 Second attempt: 1420/1600 Subject tests: 2400 in physics, math and biology Giving sat again this October and hoping to score above 1550. Been preparing for one year. ECA: Was selected by an NGO for a trainee in research on CMS Collaboration program at CERN, Geneva 2016. It was more of an introduction to concepts of practical particle physics and we were trained on those concepts for one week by scientists. We were also made to construct the very first particle detectors as part of our lab and workshop work, and were hosted by Mr. Mick Storr, who is Currently Head of the CERN Academic and Technical Training section in CERN’s Human Resources Personnel Management and Development Group.

National level bronze medal in open sight shooting championship. Gold medals in state and district level championships in Yoga and was also selected for national levels but could not go due to clashing of dates with school examinations. Also took part in intraschool activities: cross country, swimming, athletics, debates, plays etc. And also in interschool science quizz.

So I want to know my chances of getting into a top research based institution like MIT/Stanford/Vanderbilt etc. , which would also meet my 100% financial need. I forgot to mention that I also scored 99% in both math and biology in grade 12, and that I wish to pursue biomedical engineering or physics. Also, I have not done any MUNs or any volunteer work for which i have a certificate as i have only done tutoring, which does not give any certificate. A counsellor also mentioned that it is imposible for me to get into theabove mentioned colleges as i have no research publications, olympiad medals or certified volunteer work. ( as im an international) Please help me