Do I have enough time to study?

I'm a junior, and I'm planning on taking the SAT on March 5th, the first proctoring of the new test.

I took the PSAT in October and got a 680 in Critical Reading and Writing and a 480 in Math. Clearly Math is not my strong suit. In the past week I've buckled down and started seriously preparing for the SAT. I took a practice test and my Math score already went up to a 520.

My preferred SAT date is less than 2 months away, and I was wondering if anyone thought that it'd be possible for me to score a 650 in Math and at least a 750 in Reading within that time frame?

I know I can get my Reading score up easily, as it comes very natural to me. I'm just worried that my Math skills won't be up to snuff by March.

Any advice?

Right now, you have about 5 weeks left to study before you take the test in March. If you're looking for an overall improvement of around 200 points, it's a tall order, but it's potentially doable. Most students will need around 80 hours of studying to improve by this many points, which would mean 16 hours a week of studying. Since you seem to be confident that you're a pretty efficient studier, however, you may be able to improve by this many points with just 10 hours of studying per week. I'd recommend getting in a solid block of studying on the weekend (5 hours or so) and then spacing out your other study hours throughout the week depending on how much schoolwork you have.

Another option you have is to take the SAT at a later date to give yourself a little more time to study and decrease the pressure. I'd recommend doing this if you have a lot going on in terms of extracurricular commitments and homework assignments that will impede your ability to study consistently. Depending on your current situation, you might consider postponing the test until May or June.