Do you think these are good enough extracurriculars for Cornell?

Hi, I am applying to Cornell University. My dream is to become a civil law professor/teacher.
So far I have these extracurriculars. Do you think these are outstanding or not enough for me to possibly get in?
Volunteer club- Since the 3rd grade up to now (junior year)
Orchestra tutor- Been part of the program since 5th grade and became a tutor since freshman year.
Future Teachers Of America Club- 2 years. I am a active participate, contributing a lot of ideas. We are not able to do anything too special due to COVID-19
Elementary school tutor- Since freshman year to junior year
World Language and Culture Club- SInce sophomore year. I am currently Vice-President. We teach each other new languages and traditions in different cultures.
Debate Club- Junior year. I am participating in an upcoming state competition in CT: The Government and Youth State Conference.
Maybe in the upcoming summer: I might travel to my family’s origin country: Pakistan where women barley have any right to travel alone or to speak up to a man. I want to record my findings and develop a youtube channel about Pakistan’s problems with human rights especially those targeted to women.
I am not sure about what my GPA for all 3 years is but I have only received one B for a whole credit this year: junior year. The rest are A’s/A-'s (in the 90s percentile) for the rest of my credits at JMHS. I have not taken the SAT yet (in June)
I am currently self studying these APs this year. Have not taken any in 9th and 10th:
AP Psychology
AP Computer Science Principles
AP US Gov and Politics
AP Environmental Science

Even under normal circumstances, it is very difficult to say whether a particular student would be competitive for a particular school. Last year saw many schools go test-optional or test-blind, and a dramatic increase in applications at many competitive schools. That makes it even more difficult to determine what would make a student competitive, given the lack of historical precedent for the last application cycle.

Our blog has some tips for what makes great extracurriculars and how to make your extracurricular activities stand out. You might find that helpful for how to present your extracurriculars in your applications.

I’m sorry I can’t address the specific question about Cornell, but I hope you find our information about presenting extracurriculars on your applications helpful.