Does It Look Bad If Your SAT Score Goes Down 60 Points?

I've taken the SAT twice. The first time I got a 2080, and the second time I got a 2020. I'm relatively satisfied with my scores based on where I plan to apply, but I'm concerned about the fact that my score went down on the second test. Will the fact that my score decreased damage my chances at all?

There's no need to worry about the small difference between your two scores. To quote the College Board website: "Usually, your scores fall in a range of roughly 30 to 40 points above or below your true ability. Colleges know this, and they receive the score ranges along with your scores to consider that single snapshot in context." Schools won't be disturbed by the fact that your scores are 60 points apart. They will most likely just assume that you took the first one on a good day for you and the second one on a bad day.