Does managing a YouTube channel count as an EC?

I have a YouTube channel with over 13,000 subscribers, 1.3 million views (total), and 100 videos. Over the course of a few years, I have also earned a few thousand dollars.

Would this count as an extracurricular? If so, would it be advisable to mention it on applications for elite colleges?

Although I have seen people say that it counts, what worries me is that it may come across as childish — something that top colleges won't really value. What worries me more is that the channel is about video games.

The only way I think I can refrain from portraying my self as a lazy, video-game fanatic (which I am not), is by mentioning the money I have earned. This, I think, would make it seem more like a part-time job than a frivolous hobby.

What are your thoughts?

That definitely counts as an extracurricular, and I don't think you should worry about it coming off as childish or lazy. Clearly this was something that required a significant amount of time and effort on your part. Also, you managed to take an activity you enjoy and make it profitable, which is an impressive accomplishment at any age.

Make sure when naming and describing this activity in the Common App that you emphasize the popularity of your channel and the volume of videos you've produced. You could title the activity something like "Creator of YouTube channel with >10,000 subscribers" and mention specifically how much money you earned and what went into creating, producing, and promoting your videos. I'd recommend reading this article for more information on writing about extracurricular activities on college applications.