Does not having Physics on your college app look bad?

I'm in my junior year of high school and I'm not taking any science classes this year. I took honors Earth Science, honors Chem and honors Biology in previous years. I won't have time to take physics next year (senior year) as well. By default then, I will have only taken 3 sciences and won't have physics on my college app.

Should I try to avoid this and take a Physics course at a community college over the summer or during the spring to get the credit? I don't want to do physics in the future, but will this be good for my college app?

Not having physics on your college app will look bad to competitive colleges, even if you have no desire to do physics in the future.

Physics is a core science, and is seen as an important part of a standard high school curriculum. It ranks up there with say, American Literature, or World History, or a foreign language. Competitive colleges whose median or average SAT score is 1300 or more definitely not be thrilled, and might doubt the rigor of your high school curriculum.

However, if your target college has an average SAT score of 1200 or less, then whether you've taken physics may matter less.

For most general colleges, and liberal arts colleges, it doesn't matter that you don't want to do science in the future.

I majored in math but went to a general college (e.g. not a math specific one). I imagine my college wouldn't have been happy if they saw I only took two years of high school English even if I don't plan to be a writer or lit professor.