Does Paper SAT Registration Mean Paper Score Report?

I had to register for the SAT by mail instead of online. Does this mean I'm going to get my score report in the mail as well, or can I get my scores online?

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If you registered for the SAT on paper (vs. online) and you don't have an active College Board online account, you will get your scores in paper form. In order to get your scores online, you'll need to have an online account with College Board before scores are released.

To create an online account, you'll need your SAT registration number (which is printed on your SAT admission ticket). Be forewarned, however, that if you do create an online account after you've already registered for the test (and if you didn't specifically request a mailed score report when you registered), you may not get a paper score report - your scores will only be available online.

There's also the option to call and get your SAT scores, but that'll cost you $15 - far better to just create a free online account for yourself.

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