Does undergraduate college matter for med school admissions?

I want to go to med school, but I don't want to pay a ton of money for undergrad beforehand. I was offered a full ride to Texas State (I know, not the best school), so if I took that offer I'd start off med school debt-free. However, I'm wary of choosing Texas State when I know I could attend a school with a better reputation. Does your undergraduate school matter to Med Schools in their admissions decisions? Would it be worth it for me to go to a better college even if I had to take out some loans? Thanks

Your GPA, MCAT scores, and interview performance will be the most important factors in the medical school admissions process. The undergraduate institution that you attend is not particularly relevant, especially if it's clear that you chose it to ease your financial burden. If anything, this decision will show that you're capable of making mature and practical life choices. These schools are typically looking for students who come from diverse backgrounds and show a particular interest in their specific program. If you earn excellent scores on the MCAT and can point to achievements in college that show your passion for the medical field, it shouldn't make a difference which undergraduate college you attend. This article has some additional information on how medical school admissions work and what you can do in the upcoming years to improve your chances.

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