Explaining AP Capstone on Applications

How do I explain my candidacy for the AP Capstone Diploma on my Common App. I received a 5 in Research and a 3 in Seminar and 4’s in AP Biology and Lang. I currently need passing scores from AP Lit and AP Stat to receive the Diploma Senior Year. But I do not know how to explain this on my application.

Given that you have not yet completed the requirements for the Diploma, I am not sure how you would report your existing status on the Common App. According to the College Board website ( AP Capstone: Higher Education Endorsement | AP Central – The College Board ), you can report the AP Capstone Diploma under “Honors and Distinctions” and your counselor can also report the diploma on their section of the Common App.

Since you already qualified for the AP Seminar and Research Certificate, you would probably report that in the same place.

Both AP awards are listed on your official AP Score report, according to the College Board website ( Qualifying for an AP Capstone™ Award – AP Students | College Board ), under the FAQ “How can I let colleges know that I won an AP award?”. If you send your official AP score report to the school, they should be able to see that you received the award.