Extracurricular activities for Earth Sciences/Geology major?


I was wondering which extracurricular activities I should undertake before applying for an undergraduate degree in Earth Sciences or Geology. What extracurricular activities do universities like to see?

Kind regards, Jessica

If you're applying as an earth science major, you might search for colleges in your area that provide research opportunities for high school students. Doing research before college will make you stand out as an applicant and show that you're committed to this path.

Here are some specific opportunities I found that might be of interest:

Intern at the US Geographical Survey
Stanford School of Earth Sciences summer internships for high school students
Listings under the "high school students" heading on this page

Colleges won't be expecting any one specific extracurricular activity, so I wouldn't worry too much about exactly what you decide to do. As long as you show your passion in some form or another while earning high grades in science classes, you'll be in good shape.