High Single-Sitting SAT Score Better Than High Superscore?

Do colleges view high single-sitting SAT scores in a better light than high superscores? I got a 2300 in one sitting on my first SAT, but my friend took the SAT four times and has a 2400 superscore. Should I retake the test to try and get a perfect superscore as well?

Your elite single-sitting score will look better to colleges than a perfect superscore from someone who took the test more than three times. Excessive testing indicates to colleges that the student didn't take each administration of the test seriously or was unnecessarily fixated on perfection in this one aspect of their application. It's a waste of time and effort if you've already gotten a score that is competitive at the colleges where you plan on applying. If you have a 2300, you definitely shouldn't bother retaking the SAT. A 2300 is high enough to pass muster at even the most selective colleges.