How Can I prove the legitimacy of my education

Hi I go to an online school (it’s accredited ).
James Madison High School. I switched to online due to hospitalizations from anxiety and depression. My school does not offer AP exams and SAT subject tests have been cancelled. How can I prove the legitimacy of my grades/classes to the admissions officers? I’m applying to Cornell University which is super competitive and some reach schools like my state school.

James Madison is a fully accredited school so your transcript would be seen as legitimate to colleges; also, Cornell is on the list of schools that past JMHS students have been accepted to. Colleges look for students who have taken a rigorous course utilizing the academic offerings available. They understand that there are many schools that do not offer AP or IB programs for funding or other reasons, and you should be okay as long as you are taking the most rigorous courses available while maintaining a strong GPA. With that being said, there may be options for you to take college level courses at local community colleges, or AP classes independently. COVID may actually make this easier since many colleges are offering remote or hybrid classes now.

It’s also important to emphasize that grades and test scores are only a part of your college application. Extra curricular activities, community involvement, work history, awards, achievements, etc. are all considered as part of the application process to most schools. Our admissions consulting program can help students find their passion, build their spike, and present their narrative in a way that resonates with college admissions committees.