How can I stay awake while studying for the ACT?

I have the ACT coming up around April, and have not begun studying for it until today, I know, horrible right? I have started today and have begun to realize I can't go ten minutes without passing out. Can you give me motivation and advice on how to make studying fun?

I'd recommend thinking about the types of tasks that successfully hold your focus. If you like to play PC games or other video games, try to find a study tool that has a game-like interface so it feels less boring. I try not to plug PrepScholar directly in these answers, but it sounds like you might be a good candidate to try out the program (you can do a free trial and see what you think before you buy anything). You'll get to see your progress along the way, which makes it a lot more satisfying. Overall, it feels like you're playing a game rather than drilling academic skills.

Another alternative might be to find an engaging review book that will provide a little more structure for your studying. I'd recommend the Kaplan 2016 ACT Review Book. It includes access to online video tutorials, so if you learn better in that format those might be helpful to you.