How Do I Write About My Extra-Curricular That Has No Supervisor

Hi Prepscholar,
So I am currently a home-schooled student. I decided to design my own extracurricular:
" The Discrimination Educators " I am the founder and the president. By the time I put it on college applications I would have done it for about 2 years. There are about 10 participants in my club. As you can tell by the name, we try to brainstorm ways about how to tell the public about discrimination and what to do if someone does/experiences it. We have an Instagram page dedicated to this with interviews, and educational posts.
My question is do I have to write about a specific adult supervisor of my club on college applications? Because I do not have one.

I do not think there is a dedicated section for an adult supervisor in the extracurriculars section of the Common App. You can see our guide to describing your extracurriculars on the Common App.