How important are the old SAT writing and essay?

I got back my January makeup SAT which I took Feb 27. This is the second SAT I have taken and I got these scores:

Math: 800
Reading: 800
Writing: 680
Essay: 8

This test was better in every score compared to my first test (except the essay which was a 9) and I was ecstatic in seeing them. After doing some research, I am very confused about the importance that the colleges put on the writing section. Is there a list of colleges that either disregard the section entirely, or count it less that reading and math?

My GPA is just OK at a 3.5, and I am wondering if I can use my two perfect scores to my advantage in any way. Unfortunately since this was the last old SAT ever administered I cannot retake for a better writing or essay score.

Any help with understanding where to go from here would be much appreciated!

This article provides a list of colleges that don't consider the old SAT Writing section in their admissions decisions. Your perfect scores on the Critical Reading and Math sections will give you excellent chances of admission at these schools.

Keep in mind the fact that your composite score is still very high. You shouldn't worry too much about the Writing section even at colleges that do take it into account. With a 2290, you have a realistic chance of acceptance at every college in the country.

As to your second question, I'd recommend checking out this article, which has a list of scholarships you can get based on standardized test scores alone. You may be able to defray some of the costs of college with merit scholarships since your scores were so high.