How will schools change my transcript, and what can I do to improve my chance?

Including junior year classes, I will have taken 12 APs. My school adds 7 points onto AP and Honors classes, so while I have a 92.4 unweighted, my weighted numeric average is 97 which is what appears on the transcript my school gives out.

Will Ivy League schools (or similarly big names like MIT and Caltech) recalculate the unweighted? I'm very concerned since this leaves me with about a 3.7 GPA when you convert to numeric, and that probably isn't enough when there are so many 4.0s and 3.9s out there.

Having an upward trend would help but I earned my best grades in 9th grade and recently I've fallen. I can still try for straight A's for 2nd semester junior year, but do Ivies count first semester senior grades?

(I'll trying for perfect SAT/ACT scores too, but even so I feel I'll still come off as a slacker.)

Again, this is advice aimed for getting into an Ivy-tier school (I'm aware that these are probably alright with most colleges and it'll be okay! I'd like a brutally honest response, though).

Thanks for reading strangers!