I am becoming a civil law professor but I need to show schools I have what it takes

Hi, I am becoming a US government teacher, then majoring in Law in graduate school in order to become a Law Professor.

I am a junior. Are there any ideas on what extracurriculars or extra stuff I can do to prove my teaching dreams to college admissions?
So far I have done…
Future Teachers Of America Club (Head Presenter)
Elementary school tutor
In summer, youtube channel for teaching
Anything else that comes into mind???

It sounds like you have already been involved with good extracurricular activities related to teaching! I’m not sure what else to recommend. However, you might want to read our blog article about how to write about extracurriculars on your college applications. It is important that you position your extracurricular involvement in the best light possible for the programs you are applying to.

You may also want to consider taking the AP Government and Politics U.S. course/exam, given that is the subject area that you want to teach.