I got two B's second semester junior year of high school. How much does that ruin my chances of getting into a good school?

The title pretty much says it all. I got two B’s second semester junior year of high school in math honors and AP Bio. This brings my unweighted gpa to a 3.9, my weighted gpa to a 4.2, and my overall class rank to 25 out of 601. In the past I’ve also gotten a B in math honors my sophomore year, but other than that I’ve gotten all A’s. I’ve tried to take on as many advanced classes as I am able to and I have also taken several college courses which I have gotten A’s in. Aside from academics I have decent extracurriculars (I’m president of three clubs at my school and a club officer in another). How much will these B’s affect my chances of getting into schools such as Boston University, Boston College, Notre Dame, UC Berkeley, University of Washington etc.? Thank you for the help! (I am also planning on applying as an anthropology major).

It sounds like you have a high GPA overall. It is incredibly difficult to predict admissions likelihoods for specific schools, even when taking into account a full picture of the student (test scores, extracurriculars, essays, etc.).

If you search Google for “PrepScholar Boston University admissions”, you will be directed to our admissions predictor site for BU. This may not have the data from the most recent year of applications right now, but it has a slider towards the end of the page that lets you input your GPA and SAT score, and gives you a rough admissions likelihood percentage (for many top schools, the overall admissions percentage decreased last year, so the current percentage may be an over-estimate).

We offer these pages for most US schools, but the output should be taken with a grain of salt. There are a number of other factors that would be considered beyond just GPA and SAT score, and there is a lot of inherent uncertainty when trying to predict any individual admissions decision/