I know my spike, but I have other major activities that don't relate to it—help!

I am a rising junior who wants to study Psychology and pursue a career in the mental health field. I really want to get into an Ivy League. My current quandary is regarding extracurriculars: I read Allen Cheng's article about getting into Harvard and finding your spike to appeal to collage admissions workers. I don't want to reveal any private information but let's just say I am extremely accomplished in poetry in the regional, state, national, and international levels. I am also heavily involved in my school newspaper. Before I knew about the "spike" thing I also got an internship at the local science museum and was invited to join a somewhat prestigious local teen science society.

Also, most of my community service pertains to science. I am also currently doing a science project related to mental health that I am confident will make it to the state level. At school, I am heavily emerged in writing, but in the community it is split between science and writing. What should I do? Should I get out of the internship and shadow a Psychologist? Should I stop my current volunteering and start volunteering at my local library?

Don't give up activities you enjoy in pursuit of a more concentrated spike. The idea behind the spike concept is to avoid padding your resume with a bunch of meaningless extracurriculars that take time away from achieving excellence in a central pursuit. Being well-rounded for the sake of being well-rounded is a mistake, but having more than one area in which you show passion and excellence is great. From what you've written here, everything you're involved in is related to your twin passions of writing and science. If you're an accomplished poet and a science fair champion, your chances of getting into a top school will only be better than if you were just one or the other. If you want to switch up your activities so that they align more closely with what you plan to study in college, that's up to you, but if everything stays the same you shouldn't be concerned.

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