Importance of major-specific program vs overall school quality?

I'm in a tight comparison between 2 business schools (UMich Ross & Notre Dame Mendoza, but this situation probably applies to many people so feel free to answer in general terms).

One school is better in terms of its business program (top 5), but the school itself is not as great as the other school. The other school is both solid overall but only top 10 in business.

Generally speaking, I always thought it was a 50/50 split on how important the major-specific program and the school was, but after talking to a lot of adults from business firms, I've heard that they recruit more from the top business programs (Ross).

Does anyone have experience in choosing between the two? And we can put aside stuff like personal preference, fit, etc. I just want to know in a ceteris paribus comparison.


If you're absolutely committed to becoming a business major, I think it's a better idea to attend the school with the higher-ranked business program (Notre Dame). Based on my research, employers hiring business graduates will consider the specific program a stronger indication of your competence than the reputation of the college as a whole.