International application for Harvard

I am an international student. I'm currently applying to few Ivies, including Harvard, which is my first choice. Additionally, I am applying for the dual-degree with Berklee College of Music. I have stellar grades (almost straight A+s), I was ranked 15th on a National Law Olympiad and am currently a semi-finalist in 3 other national Olympiads. I have extremely strong recommendations, from 4 different teachers (including my shool counselor) that highlight both my academic work and personality. My main extracurricular is drums. I've been playing for 6 years, gaining recognition on my city's music scene and working as a session musician for hire. I am also a teacher at a music school. Apart from that, I am the leader of a MUN delegation and a member of European Youth Parliament. I actively participate in debates and economic conferences. The only problem are my SAT scores, which seem to be too average. My SAT II scores are 720 on Math 1 and 700 on Math 2. I expect my Reasoning score to be 1450-1490. My TOEFL score is 118. How would you rate my chances of admission?