Is 5 Steps to a 5 a good resource for AP tests?

I’m going to be taking the AP Macroeconomics and AP U.S. Government tests, and I’m looking for the best resources to study with.

Is 5 Steps to 5 any good? Do you have other recommendations?

The 5 Steps to a 5 books can vary a bit in quality. The one for AP Macroeconomics has some poor reviews, so you might want to consider a different option for that class. The 5 Steps to a 5 book for AP US Government, on the other hand, is well-liked, so it's probably an acceptable option. This also depends on what kind of book you want. You might choose to go with a different review book because the 5 Steps to a 5 books are more oriented towards longterm studying. Here are some other (potentially better) review books you might consider:

For AP Macroeconomics, I'd highly recommend the Crash Course review book. It's concise while still covering all the material you need to know for the test. Since there's not much time before the AP tests, it's smart to get a review book that you can read and absorb quickly. For AP US Government, either Cracking the AP US Government Exam (Princeton Review) or, again, the Crash Course book would be good choices. They're both very popular with mostly excellent reviews.