Is creating your own game a good extracurricular for college applications?


I am thinking of doing some more extracurriculars to show colleges my skills. I already have a pretty good baseline for marks, scores, and extracurriculars, but I want to go beyond that to really reach for Ivy League schools.

In addition to my piano, science fair, business, and drawing, I think that I want to create a game and release it on the app store or on Steam. I've always wanted to and it would be a great learning experience. Do you think that this would be a good idea, or should I maybe focus my efforts somewhere else? I am already aiming to get to nationals for science fair (at least get gold) and hopefully raise some money for charity through my t-shirt business.

I really want to create a game, too, but I'll only allow myself to set aside that time if I know that it will be worthwhile and valuable.

Thanks in advance!