Is It Possible to Raise My SAT Score by 200 Points in 15 Days?

Good Afternoon,

I just received my SAT score and am quite disappointed with my results; 1050/1600. I was only given 1 week to study for the SAT because my high school exams were during that month. I am weak in math, especially since I am taking Consumer Math this year (I am a Senior). I chose to take that math course so that I am able to focus more on the subjects leading to my major rather than focusing on passing a challenging math course, since math is my weakest subject. Therefore, my SAT math score was low. I am much stronger in Reading, however. I recently found out that I will be taking the SAT again in March, which is 2 weeks from now. I would like to raise my score about 200 points; is this possible? I am a very diligent, focused student and am willing to put in the hours necessary to receive about a 1200 on the SAT. Because I am quite rusty in Math, however, I believe it will be very challenging improving this section. I believe focusing most of my attention on Reading will benefit me more, correct? Therefore...

  1. Is it possible for me to raise my SAT score (1050) by 200 points in the allotted time I have? (I will be taking the SAT on March 11 giving me about 2 weeks to study).
  2. If it is possible to raise my score by 200 points, HOW must I study and prepare? What section should I focus most of my attention on? (P.S I did not take the Writing (Essay) portion of the SAT).
  3. I have been using the Kaplan SAT study guide to prepare for the SAT. Should I continue to use this book or use practice tests located on the Internet?
  4. My high school GPA is a 4.0. If I am unable to raise my SAT score, will colleges still view me as a hard working student, based on my GPA? Or will they focus their attention on my poor SAT score?

I am not aiming to attend an Ivy League college. However, raising my score will allow me to have more college options as well as more scholarship opportunities. Therefore, if you have any suggestions and information regarding my situation that may be of help to me, I would be very grateful if you were to share your knowledge.

I appreciate and am thankful for your time and help.