Is it possible to take too many SAT practice tests?

Assuming I start studying 2 weeks before the SAT, would 3 practice tests in a week plus review be too much and would that burn me out? Please advise. Thank you!

If you took three practice tests in a week, the time allotment would look something like this:

Practice Test 1: 3 hours
First Review: 3 hours
Practice Test 2: 3 hours
Second Review: 2 hours
Practice Test 3: 3 hours

Total Study Time: 14 hours

If you have very little homework and aren't tied up with extracurricular activities, this may be doable. However, I think there is risk for burn out if you try to cram it all in while attending to lots of other commitments. I'd say you should avoid forcing this much study time into one week during the school year. Try keeping it to no more than two practice tests a week so that you have more time to digest the material and make real improvements (and, ideally, start studying earlier!). Check out this guide for more information on how long you should study for the SAT based on your score goals.