Is one week enough for PrepScholar?

My SAT is coming up next week, can I prepare for PrepScholar in a week?

It depends, but you probably want to eventually study longer than one week.

PrepScholar states that it recommends about 40 hours for baseline study. A week technically has 168 hours, and if you sleep for 8 hours a night, you're still up for 118 hours so technically you can study in that time. In fact, PrepScholar has had one student complete our course in five days (source: PrepScholar data).

However, for most students, 20 hours a week is the most they can study during breaks (summer, spring break, etc), and 10 hours a week is the most time that can be spent studying for the SAT during normal schoolweeks. Therefore, with just a week left, you likely won't be able to study using PrepScholar - or any other program, for that matter.

If you must take the SAT in one week, study the best you can -- you can use PrepScholar. But you should seriously consider signing up for the next SAT as well and finish using PrepScholar to get the best score.