Is Rocket Review Still Recommended for SAT Prep?

The book apparently came out in 2006 and hasn't been updated since. I don't have much experience with SAT and don't really know if any large changes has been made to the SAT test since 2006. However, many people recommend this book and I plan on buying in. The only problem is I live overseas and shipping costs a lot, so I'm not sure if I should buy it.

I would strongly urge you NOT to bother with Rocket Review. Because the SAT is changing format in March 2016, the prep materials in this book will be completely out of date. In addition, part of the reason that Rocket Review was so successful and recommended in the past is because it was one of the first books designed to help students with the 2005 SAT redesign.

Right now, I think the best SAT prep book is probably the College Board's The Official SAT Study Guide (March 2016 & Beyond), which includes a full breakdown of the updates to the SAT. However, because a lot of the material in the book is available for free online (for example, all the practice tests in the book are available for free here), I don't think you necessarily even have to purchase a book at all to study. Instead, try to get the most out of the high-quality free resources that are out our blog!