Is there any harm in sending my SAT scores to National Merit?

I recently took the in-school SAT and realized that I have some free score reports. I wasn't planning on doing anything with this new SAT score (because I did fine on my ACT).

I was wondering if I could send my past score (2020 from November) + the SAT I just took to the National Merit people in case I get national merit semifinalist/finalist status (I got 216 on PSAT in FL).

It does sound like your PSAT score will qualify you for the competition based on the state cutoff scores listed in this article, so you can send your SAT scores to National Merit now if you would like. There wouldn't be any harm in sending the November score because it's higher than a 1960, which is the traditional qualifying SAT score for National Merit Finalists. If you improved or matched that score on the more recent test, you could also choose to just send that one instead of the one from November. That's actually the ideal situation considering the fact that you have free reports available for your latest scores. The NMSC will only need to see one acceptable SAT score, so send whichever one you feel best reflects your abilities.