Low Math, high CR on the SAT?

I'm applying to some selective schools including Emory, Davidson, Wash & Lee, and U Chicago, and I'm worried about my uneven SAT scores. My superscore is a 2110: 800 CR, 580 Math, 730 Writing. I've sent three scores, and in my last two sittings, I scored exactly the same in CR and Math (800 and 580 respectively).

I intend to major in English, and tried to emphasize my abilities in the humanities in all of my applications. Will a perfect CR score mitigate a mediocre math score? I know that 800s in CR are less common than 800s in Math, and I'm a competitive applicant in all other aspects: solid GPA, excellent course rigor, and good essays.

These are the average composite SAT scores for each of the schools you mentioned:

University of Chicago: 2228
Washington & Lee: 2082
Davidson: 1992
Emory: 2040

And these are the average Math SAT scores:

University of Chicago: 746
Washington & Lee: 692
Davidson: 657
Emory: 697

Based on this data, I would say that you still have pretty good chances of acceptance at Davidson, Emory, and Washington and Lee. Since you're emphasizing your success in the humanities and desire to pursue an english major, these schools may be fine with your below-average math score, especially considering your composite score is still above average.

University of Chicago is a tough one. Since both your composite score and math score are below average, it's probably going to be a stretch for you to get in unless you have very, very impressive extracurricular accomplishments. At such a competitive school, your math score could give them pause about admitting you when other candidates have performed at a higher level all around.

Overall, I don't think your Math score will damage your chances too drastically at these schools (especially because colleges pay more attention to composite scores than section scores and you're not majoring in the sciences). If you've already taken the test three times, I wouldn't recommend retaking it unless you have some sort of test prep epiphany and your practice test scores shoot up by 100+ points. Your time is better spent perfecting other aspects of your application.