Majors in College?

I still am not 100 % sure of what I want to do with my life. It is between a medical doctor or an accountant. Will colleges have a rough time accepting me with this in mind? Also is it possible to try out majors in the start of college or whatever I pick will be my career choice?

The majority of colleges are not going to hold you to a major decision made on your college application, and will not discriminate against you if as a high school senior you're not 100% sure about your college major. As we discuss in our article about how to choose a major for your college application, the only instances in which it is difficult to switch majors partway through is if a program within a school has particular prerequisites for applying (e.g. an engineering program that requires specific physics and math classes).

Even if your end up attending a college that is less flexible about switching majors, however, you shouldn't feel like your major has locked you into a particular career choice. To give two examples, I have one friend who majored in anthropology and is now a lawyer, and another friend who majored in film music composition and is now a Realtor.