My school isnt offering the essay. What should I do?

I plan on applying to a variety of competitive schools, and from what I have heard, although the essay may be optional, it should be taken to prove that you are a competitive student. My school has said they won't be offering the SAT with Essay due to time constraints.

Should I opt out of the school-wide SAT (march) and take the April one on my own accord? This is going to be my first SAT, and I plan on taking two more during the summer so I can study. Odds are I will beat my score after the summer tests, so is this March test even important? Additionally, my last concern is that because this is the first new SAT, I may score higher on this one as the test is not fully adjusted yet.

Opting out of the school-wide SAT and taking it in May (It's not offered in April - did you mean that you were thinking of taking the April ACT?) instead is probably your best option. If you take the test without the essay in March, that means you'll have to take it again even if you're satisfied with your scores. If you wait and take it with the essay in May, you'll have essentially the same number of chances to retake the test, and if you get scores you're satisfied with, you can stop there.