Name is incorrect on ACT admission ticket?

I looked at my ACT admission ticket, and I realized my last name is wrong! I'm really worried that I won't be able to take the test or get my scores. What should I do in this situation??

When you take the test, fill out your name on your answer booklet exactly as it appears on your admission ticket (the incorrect version). In order for your scores to be validated, the information must match between the admission ticket and the answer booklet. Contact the ACT on the Monday after the test and explain the issue. They will ask you to send them identifying information that will confirm the correct spelling of your name.

The first score report they send to you will have the original incorrect name, but if you validate your real name with them, they will print that name on the reports that are ultimately sent to colleges.

I ran into the same problem, my middle initial was the wrong letter due to a default setting on a computer that was not my own. I realized this problem on the night before I took my ACT which was the following morning. The place you call to fix your name was closed until Monday so I was out of luck. Fortunately I googled what I should do and I did this (write my name wrong on every test booklet) and it worked! I called the people on Monday and explained that I wrote my name wrong on every booklet to make sure it matched the data and they said it wasn't a big deal and they foxed it immediately. So if you run into this problem, before you freak out and think you can't take the test you payed good money for, at least try this. (I'm sure it'll work with first and last names too if it's just a letter off or something.) just try it, and maybe they won't even catch it until you explain.