New SAT score 1060 - compared to old SAT?

My daughter scored a 1060 on her practice SAT. Since this scoring system is new to me, can you provide some reference for how this compares to the old SAT, and if it's an okay score?

She previously scored a 1430 (on the old SAT).

A 1060 on the new SAT is roughly equivalent to a 1550-1600 on the old SAT according to our conversion chart. Since your daughter's highest score on the old SAT was a 1430 (which would be around a 950 on the new SAT), it looks like she's doing better on the new version.

Note that this is not a flawless conversion. These numbers are derived simply by multiplying old SAT scores by two-thirds because the new highest possible score, 1600, is two thirds of the old highest possible score, 2400. However, Math carries more weight on the new SAT. If your daughter's Math scores on the old SAT were higher than her Reading and Writing scores, the 1430 might convert to a new SAT score slightly higher than 950. If you know your daughter's section scores, you can get a more exact conversion by using the calculators embedded in this article.

From what we can tell thus far, she has a slightly higher than average score on the new SAT. If her score stays steady or improves on the real test, she should be able to find a decent number of colleges where her stats fit the bill.