New SAT Score Percentiles?

Do you know of any early predictions on score percentiles?

e.g. if I score a 650 on the Math section of the new SAT, will it be approximately 85%ile or is the scoring likely to make a dramatic shift from what it has been historically on the 2400 scale version of the test.

Because the scores on the March 2016 SAT aren't scheduled to be released until May 10th, 2016, it's hard to say for certain. However, to get a rough idea, you can use our new-to-old SAT score conversion tool, and then check what percentile your score would've been on the old SAT for a rough guess of what your percentile would be.

Source of that score release date: I was supposed to take the SAT in March, and after the test I got an email from College Board asking me to take a survey on my experience (which was...nonexistent) and letting me know my (nonexistent) scores would be available May 10th, 2016.