New SAT Scoring vs Old SAT scoring for Kennesaw State University

My daughter got a 1050 on the March 2016 exam. She is going to Kennesaw State University who had a 950 requirement for the old exam. They haven't determined their new exam scoring requirement. I'm trying to figure out if this score will be good enough for entry. Any help?? Steve

UPDATED: Yes, a 1050 on the March 2016 exam (with a 540 in Math and a 26 Reading subscore) will be good enough for entry. Kennesaw State University currently requires a 1030 combined Math/Evidence Based Reading and Writing score AND at least a 490 on Math AND at least a 25 Reading subscore for the new SAT (for the old SAT, they require 950 combined Math/Reading score AND at least a 450 on Math AND at least a 450 on Reading for the old SAT. Their admissions website says the following regarding the new SAT:

For 2017 applicants, Kennesaw State University will accept both the new SAT and the old SAT. We will compare your scores using concordance tables to determine your highest scores on either the new SAT or the old SAT. Minimum score requirements for the Redesigned SAT will be set soon.

Based on the concordance tables the SAT has released for the March 2016 SAT, a 1050 score on the new SAT is equal to a 970 combined reading/math score on the old SAT (which is above the 950 requirement). Since your daughter got at or above a 490 on the new SAT Math (equal to a 450 on the old SAT Math) and at or above a 25 on the new SAT Reading (equal to a 460 on the old SAT Reading), she will be eligible for admission.

I hope so. She got 540 on Math and 26 on reading. She has fallen short with an 18 on the ACT and I don't want to have to pay $1500 for tutoring for the June 2016 ACT. I'm going to hold off and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks

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