Non-Native English Speaker - 1 year enough for SAT prep?

I have to take SAT exam to apply for universities. I've actually started to study for SAT (i'm going to take it in 2017), but i'm very afraid I'll get a low score. my target score is 1200, because I'm not a native English speaker, and if i got a lower score i would wait another year. so, do i have time enough to prepare ?

Also, i want to know if my method to prepare is right or not. for instance, in critical reading...the passage that i study, i read it and extract the words that i don't know (they are numerous) then i memorize this words, and i start to read this passage again with comprehension. Then i solve the questions. is that right ?

It's great that you know your target SAT score, but in order to know whether or not a year is enough time to improve, you also need to assess where you are now. Take an official practice test to determine what you would get if you took the SAT right now, so that you can have a starting point. You can also use this article as a guide for how to plan out your studying if you're starting a year in advance.

As for your method for SAT Reading, it sounds like you're doing well on teaching yourself words you don't know. The more practice tests you do, the fewer words you should have to look up and memorize, allowing you to move on to taking a Reading section and answering questions without looking up any words. I also recommend taking a look at some of the articles in our ultimate SAT Reading Guide (particularly the article about how to improve a low SAT Reading score) and reading about the best way to review your mistakes.