Notre Dame Pre-Med Program: Am I on the Right Path?

Hi, I am currently a sophomore at a Catholic High School, I currently have a 4.0 GPA unweighted and I am currently taking all honors courses at my school except in my math class. I am a year advanced. I am trilingual (English,Spanish and French), my extracurriculars include: Mass Choir, French Club, Academic Team (competitive). I founded my school's first Science Olympiad, and I am part of my school's first girls' lacrosse team.

I wish to apply to the University of Notre Dame for their pre-med program but I'm afraid I am not on the right path. Since I know Notre Dame focuses a lot on the rigor classes I'm scared that my math class might affect me since I do plan on going into a medical career. Am I on the right path? If not, how can I get better?

The only reason you would not be on the right path is the lack of honors math in your schedule. Notre Dame states that students intending to enter the College of Science must have taken Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and an Advanced Mathematics course (pre-calculus or calculus). On the other hand, because you're a sophomore, there's plenty of time for you to take all of these courses, even if you're not in an "honors" path right now.

Plus, students don't apply directly to the pre-med program at Notre Dame. As the admissions site states,

Students at Notre Dame are admitted to the University’s First Year of Studies, not to an individual school or college.

When you apply to Notre Dame, you're asked to indicate a possible major, but the school won't hold you to it. Colleges are aware that students' interests change over time, and that what a student might think is their dream major in high school might no longer hold any interest for them after one semester of college.

To continue on the right path to pre-med, I would advise you to focus on excelling in any honors science classes you take and to consider taking honors math next year or senior year.