One Week Before the ACT


Should I do any prep work one week before the ACT? Many websites suggest that it would be best to take a break a week before the exam since you are less likely to learn new things. Rather, it is important to have a good diet, exercise, and sleep!

However, I feel that I keep up my "testing stamina" by taking small one-hour (at most) practices. Should I continue these small sessions this week? Thank you.

It depends on how much other schoolwork you have and how happy you are with your current score level. If you're really swamped with homework/extracurricular commitments, and it's just going to stress you out to add ACT practice into the mix, you should take a break. If, on the other hand, you have a pretty light week ahead of you and are still hoping to raise your score a bit, you should go ahead with your plan.

Overall, I don't see any problem with continuing to practice in short one hour sessions throughout the week before the test. This might be a good time to revisit any mistakes you made on past practice tests and reinforce the correct answer explanations. Just make sure you're not compromising your health to fit in those extra hours!