Postpone ACT or Drive 50 Miles?

So I forgot to register for the April ACT and the last day to sign up is coming up. Of course all the seats within a 50 mile radius are taken. Should I just study really hard over the next few months and take it June?

The nearest test center with seats available is a 1 hour drive, so I'd have to wake up really early to be there at 7:45AM. Yeah I know, it’s my fault for registering REALLY late. Do the seats ever open up?

You can certainly request ACT standby up to 8 days before the test date. I'd only recommend doing this (and paying the $47 fee), however, if you absolutely have to take that April test to stay on track with your studying plans or it's your last chance to take the ACT before applying to colleges. And for most people, an April vs a June ACT isn't going to make a difference - if you're a high school junior or younger, you'll be fine. Focus on excelling in school this spring, studying hard for the ACT...and making sure you register for the June ACT as soon as registration opens up so that you get the test center you want!