Practice resources for ACT Math?

I've been doing a bunch of practice for the ACT and it seems like my scores are not going up at all anymore. I'm at a standstill with Math (can't get above 25). Any suggestions to help me improve my score? A book, a website with helpful videos, or anything? I just need some new ways to try to bring my score up a few points. I normally struggle with the last ten problems and I can't seem to learn how to do them on my own.

This article contains links to all of PrepScholar's guides for topics in ACT Math. It also links to additional free online resources for practice tests and problems. I'd recommend that you read the guides for concepts that you still don't quite grasp and then use the practice resources listed in the article to test your knowledge. Math topics you might want to revisit if you're having trouble on the last part of the section include:

Lines and Angles
Solid Geometry
Systems of Equations

These are just suggestions based on which types of questions tend to appear at the end of the section. Make sure you investigate your incorrect answers to pinpoint exactly which types of problems trip you up most frequently.

If you would like to get a review book for additional guidance, McGraw Hill's Top 50 Skills for Math is a good place to start. This book does a nice job of walking you through the steps to solve each problem, so it should help with any confusion you have about some of the more advanced concepts that show up on the test.