Predicting 11th grade SAT scores based on 7th grade SAT scores?

My daughter got a 1200 on the 2400-scale SAT last year, when she was in 7th grade. What is she likely to get on the real SAT when it comes around?

You can predict your future score by looking up your current percentile:

Your daughter is scoring in the 75th percentile with a 1200 as a 7th grader. This predicts a score of 1700 in the 11th grade (current SAT percentile chart here) - at least, on the old out-of-2400 SAT.

However, because the new SAT is scored on a 1600 scale, this means her nominal score will probably be an 1130 in 11th grade. Due to the effect of regression to the mean, your daughter score will probably be a tad closer to average than predicted by percentile alone, so something like an 1100 may be more accurate.

Even though your daughter got a score much less than the average nationwide SAT score, she actually did great for her year, and will likely get a much better score later.

Also, you should read statistical predictions with a grain of salt. While statistics tells us on average what will happen, every student is unique and it's very possible to do much better (or worse) than average.