Preventing careless errors on SAT Math?

I'm frustrated with my SAT Math scores. I know how to do all the problems, but inevitably I end up getting a few wrong because of careless mistakes. What can I do to prevent this from happening in the future?

My primary advice is to always double-check your answers at the end of each section. Try to skim briefly through every question, not just the ones where you were slightly uncertain of the answer. Often, careless mistakes happen when you rush through questions that seem very easy to you.

Additionally, as you're answering questions, it can be helpful to underline important parts of the question in your test booklet to remind yourself which value you actually need to calculate. This will stop you from accidentally answering a slightly different question than the one that was asked. In many cases, answer choices on the Math section consist of values that you might find if you don't follow through with the full instructions in the question.

You should also check to make sure you're not rushing too much overall. If you tend to move really fast through the Math sections, take more time to read each question. You'll end up seeing fewer careless mistakes.