Questions about school-related stuff

Hello. I'm a junior in high school and soon to be a senior. This is my first year in an American high school and I moved from a country in Europe called Kosovo (a country nobody heard of it before). I lived there for many years and probably wouldn't consider myself to be a native English speaker, so I apologize for any grammatical errors. I was actually born in Michigan, but a lot of issues happened to our family, so we moved to Kosovo when I was 5 and I experienced Kosovo pretty much. We returned to Michigan after 10 and a half years. The language I speak fluently is Albanian (yes, a very obscure language). Anyways, I've received an unofficial transcript from the school just like every junior at our high school during SAT bubbling for the SAT School Day. While I received the transcript, the only classes shown are the ones from my first semester of junior year and I'm wondering if they can transfer my credits to my new transcript. Another issue I've thinking about is the fact that 10th grade was my first year of high school, due to a different curriculum at our country. I want to make sure if they count 9th grade as well, because 9th grade is the first year of American high schools. However, I bet they won't do this, since they only counted the credits for my 10th grade year. My old transcript only shows the grade average of one class, rather than both semesters explicitly. For example: An A in both semesters of history only shows as one A for the year. My school curriculum was different. We took Albanian, English, Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Civics Ed. Technology, etc. every single year since middle school (6th grade), but with different content and almost no repetivity. We had block schedules everyday as well, rather than taking the same classes every single day. Since I took those classes every year since middle school, I only have to take the "easy" one-semester electives, one English class, and one math class this year, which makes my class rigor significantly less demanding, and it's something that I've been worrying about since I got here. I only had to do this so I can fulfill other credits. The reason why I couldn't have a rigorous workload this year is because I was registered very late (August 31st, 2016) and I got my schedule on my first day of school. My electives are based on my major, but that doesn't make any better. My old school didn't have any Honors/AP classes (since they only apply to the US I think) and when I heard people took these types of classes in my new school, I was devastated, but I know I only have to worry about my school background, rather than other people's classes. My new school seems to be okay, however they don't offer many hard classes and the percentage of AP students is only 15-20%. Since a lot of people say junior year is our most important year, I compared my newer classes to my older ones. I don't have a foreign language either since they told me that I'm already fluent at one language and took a year of Latin already. I also started to learn German a few years ago through TV, dictionaries, and relatives, so I can speak a different language, but I bet colleges won't find this impressive and they rather look it as a hobby. Another problem I have is extracurricular activities. I have none of them and even travelling is something useless to me and colleges. I try to look for one and nothing appeals to my personality and attitude, considering the fact that I'm very introverted. I also like art (drawing especially), but that sounds more like a hobby to me and I play with a ball alone, since I have nobody. These are not extracurricular activities and I always feel devastated when I hear other people becoming successful and I'm not. I had a perfect GPA (9th grade and below) as well, but 10th grade was a bad experience for me, since my classmates were bullying me everyday and my classes especially my science classes were difficult to begin with, because my school had a science-related program and we had more work to do, so I ended up with a slightly lower GPA. The highest GPA in Kosovo was a 5.0 (4.0 in the US I think), and last year I had a 4.6 (3.6 in the US I think). I didn't really see 11th grade GPA though, but it is higher than last year. My current cumulative GPA is currently unknown and messed up, so i don't know what to say about that. I'm also worried about the fact that my transcript shows Mathematics rather than Algebra I and Geometry, so I don't know how the counselors are going to deal with that. Last, but not least, SAT scores. I took the SAT with Essay on April 11th (SAT School Day) and I think I did terrible on it and I got really nauseous before the essay portion started. The reading made me tired, the writing was kind of confusing, because all of the answers sounded identical to me and the math portion was okay. Math without calculator was better in my opinion. The rhetorical analysis essay? Stressful. The schools I've been thinking about are the ones around Michigan. No, I'm not going to Ivy Leagues, other prestigious schools, and out-of-state schools, because I know I will get rejected automatically. I'll probably end up in a community college, but I prefer to go straight to a university in Michigan, but in my perspective, other students will possibly get accepted. What if there's no space? Hmmm... well I don't know. If you think there was any unnecessary information to include in this large paragraph with over 1000 words, then I really apologize. If you have an answer, then go ahead. I appreciate answers from any member of this helpful and wonderful website. It's fine if you don't answer though. Thank you for your reading.