Rejected ED to Penn

I received a 2230 on my sat (770 CR, 720 M, 740 W), and I applied ED to Wharton and was rejected. If I wanted to be possibly accepted to an Ivy RD, which schools should I focus on? I know Harvard, Yale, and Princeton will be a stretch, but am I really in the running for any of them at this point? I am also waiting to hear back from UVA as an in-state student.

Your score will be competitive for most of the Ivies. Average SAT scores for admitted students are as follows (not including Penn):

Cornell: 2120
Brown: 2155
Dartmouth: 2195
Columbia: 2215
Princeton: 2250
Harvard: 2260
Yale: 2265

Based on these numbers, your score is above average for Brown, Columbia, Cornell, and Dartmouth. You're definitely still in the running for these schools, and the other three are within reach. As for UVA, it's likely that you will be admitted with your stats. Your SAT score is well above UVA's average of 1997. Also, Virginians are admitted at a much higher rate than out-of-state applicants (44 percent vs. 24 percent in 2015).