Rice University Admissions Chance?

Hi! I'm a junior looking to get into Rice, Columbia, MIT, CalTech, UT Austin, and Duke and major in a field of engineering. Could you give me my current chances of admission, and tips to improve, based on what I have so far? I’m really sure that I will be an AP Scholar and a National Merit Semifinalist, although it is too early for me to know for absolutely sure.

-I attend a pretty big public school(600-700 people per grade) in Texas that is fairly competitive -I have a black belt in martial arts, am part of the leadership team, and have done it for 6 years -I've played clarinet for 7 years, been in high school marching band for two years, won an award at Texas State Solo and Ensemble -I've started to learn to play the piano -I'm planning on entering the Scholastic Art and Photography contest with a painting and a photo -I'm part of my school's debate team, and I've participated a lot but I don't have prestigious awards -I'm also part of: FBLA, Science Club, Innovation Club, Model UN, Habitat for Humanity, Mu Alpha Theta, Computer Science Club, Debate, International Culture Society, NHS and SHS, Liberate North Korea -Competed in UIL Science and compsci and number sense junior year along with MUN, FBLA, and Debate - I am president of Innovation Club and an officer of Science Club and VP Liberate North Korea - I've taken my SAT and gotten 1590(790 R and 800 M) - 800 on Math 2 SAT subject, 780 on Math 1 SAT subject, 800 on World History SAT subject - 5 on the AP exam for Computer Science and 5 on the AP for World History - I've consistently taken as many AP classes as my school offers, I'm currently in 7 AP classes - Current weighted GPA is 4.6, can get it to 4.75 by the time I graduate - Currently in top 20 people, top 10%, but might make it to top 10 people if I get straight A's - I've made A's in all high school courses I've taken besides Geometry( B both semesters ) - As a junior I'm finishing Calculus BC - I'm planning to enter in the JFK essay competition and some more video scholarship competitions - Applying to prestigious summer programs for the summer between junior and senior year(Harvard, MIT, etc.) - Volunteered at library, animal shelter, nursing home for a lot of hours - I tutor kids whenever I have time - I help teach kids at my temple on Sundays - On my SAT essay I got a 8/8/8 -My sophomore year I competed in octatholon, no awards -Won a bronze medal in Spanish for non-native speakers competition -Compete in Number Sense UIL and Science UIL, but no high-ranking awards in high school -1470 Sophomore PSAT, Junior PSAT score 1490 -President and founder of Innovation Club that competes in Exploravision and Destination Imagination -Gonna get an internship next year(senior year)!

Course Load: Freshman year: English Pre-AP, Band, World Geography Pre-AP, Spanish 2, Algebra 2 Pre-AP, Biology Pre-AP, and Debate Sophomore year: English II Pre-AP, Pre-Cal Pre-AP, World History AP, Band, Computer Science AP, Spanish III Pre-AP, Chem Pre-AP Junior Year: AP Human Geo, AP Calc BC, AP Chem, AP Us History, AP Physics, AP Environmental Sciences, AP Lang Summer!: AP Gov, AP Psych Senior Year(plan): PACE( an AP class that basically has you do an internship), AP Stats, AP Euro History, AP Lit, Band, AP Physics 2, AP Economics(sem)/Health(sem)

Additional Info: Indian, relatively high-income family, Gonna write good essays and get good rec letters, hope to make good impression with interview:),

Thanks guys!!