School Activities

I have a question about being well rounded verses having a spike. Your article has been eye opening and very helpful. I just completed my sophomore year and I am into math and science at my High school. Lately, I have been thinking about not doing certain clubs due to spreading myself out thin. I have joined clubs like Quizbowl, Science bowl, JETS( Junior Engineering Technology and Science), and Science Olympiad. I am not sure if my accomplish are enough and I would love to have your opinion on this matter. In middle school I got into the National Spelling Bee and placed 50th out of 285. My freshman our JETS Team placed 5th place at states and our science Olympiad team placed 3rd at states as well. As of my Sophmore year our Science bowl team placed 5th at regionals, our JETS team placed 3rd at states and qualified for nationals, and our science Olympiads team placed 4th at states as well. I am planning on not doing of these clubs except science bowl so that I can focus on doing research and Math competitions because I feel like some people aren't putting in enough efforts on these team clubs to make us a power team. I am not sure if it is a wise idea to quit all of these clubs and just focus on research( and eventually do science fairs) and focus on math so that I can do competitions. Do you think this is a wise idea or too late and if so, do you think I am on the right track to getting into a top school? Thank you very much for reading this and I look forward to your reply