Send all SATs or all ACTs to Yale?

I have a 2400 on the SAT and a 35 on the ACT. I know I have nothing to worry about with both of these scores, but my issue is with SAT subject tests. I kind of went overboard and took too many subject tests, and two out of my five scores are in the 600s. I'm worried these scores will hurt me in the admissions process, but I'd prefer to send my 2400 SAT score over my 35 ACT score. Since Yale requires you to send all scores from either the SAT or the ACT, I'm not sure what I should do in this situation. Which set of scores is the better choice?

Good news: while Yale doesn't participate in Score Choice for the reporting of regular SAT scores, it does allow score choice for SAT Subject Test scores. Here's a quote from the admissions website:

"Yale does participate in Score choice for the reporting of SAT Subject Tests. You may wait to receive your score results before deciding which scores, if any, you would like to send to Yale."

I think this solves your problem - send your SAT score, and send your two best subject tests. Yale never has to see the subject test scores that are below 700.